May 30, 2024

We are proud to offer more than 200 Continuing Education sessions at AATA2024, our annual in-person conference. Thanks to our amazing presenters for sharing their knowledge with the art therapy community!

Please click on each of the nine subject tracks below to see the educational sessions offered.
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Clinical Approaches

Sessions that present information on therapeutic best practices, case studies, and art therapy techniques and methods. Includes Addictions/Substance Abuse (AS), Child/Adolescents (CA), Forensics (FS), Geriatrics (GE), Medical Settings (MS), Psychiatric Settings (PS), and School Settings (SS).

  • Surviving Challenging Spaces: Transferential Reflections on Working in Addiction Treatment (AS) – 10/7
  • Bridging Conflicting Ideas: Is Serial Killer Art Redemptive or Manipulative? A Dialogue (FS) – 10/9
  • Art Therapy and Dementia (GE) – 10/8
  • Art Therapy for Grief in Diverse Military Settings (MS) – 10/9
  • Implementing School-based Art Therapy Through Korean Elementary EduCare Innovation (SS) – 10/8

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Contemporary Issues/Current Trends

Sessions that present information in Activism (AC), Grief/Mourning (GM), Autism (AU), Professional Practice (PP), Trauma (TR), and Ethics (ET).

  • Responding to a Public Health Crisis through Collaborative Community Arts (AC) – 10/8
  • Remembering Her: Using the Digital Third Hand for Prolonged Grief (GM) – 10/8
  • A Meditation on Materials Usage and Waste in Art Therapy (PP) – 10/7
  • Climate Anxiety and Environmentally Aware Adaptations Within Art Therapy Practice (PP) – 10/8
  • Vicarious Trauma, Compassion Fatigue, and Burnout: The Impact on the Clinician (TR) – 10/8
  • Building Bridges of Healing: Art Therapy Informed Crisis Care in Ukraine (TR) – 10/8
  • A Descriptive Summary of Field Placement in Undergraduate Art Therapy Education (ET) – 10/9

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Education & Supervision (ES)

Sessions that present information on updates in art therapy training and education and the latest teaching methods. Or focus on supervision techniques, and educational developments.

  • Culturally Inclusive Forms of Creative Supervision in Art Therapy (ES) – 10/7
  • The Better Side of Bitter: Trusting Art in Graduate Supervision (ES) – 10/8
  • Art Therapy and Telehealth: Conceptualizing Bridges in Art Therapy Education and Practice (ES) – 10/9

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Sessions within this category, grounded in the DEI activist movement, explore studies in art therapy assessments, current research, and theoretical models. The primary focus is on nurturing diversity, advancing equity, and ensuring inclusion within the art therapy domain. This commitment extends to addressing social inequities and advocating for systematic change within the field. Notably, discussions may illuminate strategies to address oppression and confront social justice issues, particularly tailored to the needs of specific populations.

  • ‘Bridging the Gap’: HBCUs Accessibility Towards Art Therapy (DEI) – 10/7
  • Building Bridges with Visual Thinking Strategies: Promoting Dialogue, Understanding and Inclusion (DEI) – 10/7
  • Neurodivergent Art Therapist and Neurodivergent Clients (DEI) – 10/9

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Multicultural Perspectives (MP)

Sessions in this category distinctly highlight the impact of diverse cultural backgrounds on art therapy practices. Multiculturalism is viewed as a term encompassing one or more cultures, frequently extending beyond dominant white cultures. These discussions may shed light on multicultural practices, leveraging examples from domestic & international art therapy work. Emphasis is placed on the significance of incorporating cultural nuances into therapeutic approaches, fostering a comprehensive understanding of how cultural diversity enriches the field of art therapy.

  • Bridging Cross-Cultural Applications with Traditional Art Therapy Assessments (MP) – 10/7
  • Planning and Facilitating an Art Therapy Workshop in Rural El Salvador (MP) – 10/8
  • Traditional Cultural Artmaking Practices and Their Impact on Wellness (MP) – 10/9

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Research/Evaluation (RE)

Sessions that present theory and practice of clinical evaluation, the use of standardized assessments, systematic case studies, outcome studies, and all forms of inquiry, using or exploring various research methodologies.

  • Daddies Cry Too: A Cumulative Collage Exploring Fathers Lived Experiences of PPD (RE) – 10/7
  • Unveiling the Neural Impact of Art Media through fNIRS Imaging (RE) – 10/8
  • Arts-based psychosocial support trainings in humanitarian emergencies: clinical, ethical and professional implications (RE) – 10/9

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Studio & Community (SC)

Sessions that present art studio-based approach, and how artist-centered art therapy practice and community outreach programs are designed to improve our collective well-being.

  • Binding up the Broken Hearted: Exploring Attachment Media (SC) – 10/7
  • Bridging Aesthetics with Creative Care: Applying Aesthetics of Care in Practice Model (SC) – 10/7
  • Threads of Childhood: Textile Art Therapy (SC) – 10/8
  • Fostering Community: Virtual Art Therapy and Community Arts Engagement for Military Caregivers (SC) – 10/9

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Technology & Innovation (TI) 

Sessions that showcase advancements in technology, cutting-edge research, and innovative models in the field of technology.  

  • Filling the Gaps: From Memory to Narratives with AI Generative Art (TI) – 10/7
  • The Innovation Journey: Creating a Distress Disclosure Digital Tool (TI) – 10/8

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Theory & Assessment (TA)
Sessions that present studies in art therapy assessments, current research, and theoretical models which should be presented by experienced researchers.

  • Creativity & Human Flourishing: TA of Leaders Participating 21-day Creative Arts Intervention (TA) – 10/7
  • Exploring Plural Selves and Dissociation in the Context of Radical Queer Theory (TA) – 10/8
  • Curiosity: a Precursor to the Development of Expressive Therapies Continuum-based Assessment Skills (TA) – 10/9

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