The conference is organized into nine main subject tracks to help participants find areas of interest. During the proposal submission process, each proposal submitter selected one category to best describe their session. AATA uses these categories for the final Program Guide. 

Contemporary Issues/Current Trends

Sessions that present information in Activism (AC), Grief/Mourning (GM), Autism (AU), Professional Practice (PP), Trauma (TR), and Ethics (ET).

ActivismAC9Art Therapy for Cognitive Development and Emotion expression in the Deaf CommunityKristina DiazPaper10/711:00 am
ActivismAC51Towards Generativity: Collective Musings on the Developmental Trajectory of Art TherapyDavid Gussak, Michael A. Franklin, Girija Kaimal, Susan AnandPanel10/72:15 pm
ActivismAC90The Emancipatory Stance: Collaborative Partnerships for “Troubling” Art Therapy PracticeLynn Kapitan, Holly Feen-CalliganPaper10/73:00 pm
ActivismAC170Responding to a Public Health Crisis through Collaborative Community ArtsEileen Douglas, Khadijah O Miller (Dean/Professor)Paper10/82:00 pm
ActivismAC15How Art Influenced A Future Art Therapist with High ACE’sBrittany KihlPaper10/83:00 pm
ActivismAC125Science-Informed Art: Engaging Communities in Hot TopicsAnn Collier, John TannousPaper10/93:00 pm
Grief/MourningCM14Grief Belief: Unmasking Disenfranchisement and Bias in Grief WorkAlicia SeymourWorkshop10/72:15 pm
Grief/MourningGM159Remembering Her: Using the Digital Third Hand for Prolonged GriefBethany AltschwagerPaper10/82:00 pm
Grief/MourningCM136The Effect of Art Therapy Group on Women Experiencing Fertility ObstaclesSandy MildenbergPoster10/84:00 pm
Grief/MourningGM201Anticipatory Grief: Art-based Applications With Children, Teens, And FamiliesKaitlyn Paton, Jennifer DykemanWorkshop10/84:00 pm
Grief/MourningGM153Survivors Grieving Military Loss: Continuing the Bonds Through Art MakingJennifer Baldwin, Jenna Michalik PrestonPaper10/911:00 am
Professional Practice PP49Guided Imagery And The Spectrum Of Consciousness Laura Zeisler Workshop10/7 10:50 am
Professional Practice  PP184A Meditation on Materials Usage and Waste in Art Therapy
Alice Ripberger, Anna Pruitt, Kimberley Thompson, Kathryn Welter, Jayashree George, Shelly Goebl-ParkerPaper10/7 11:00 am
Professional Practice PP200Bridges to Finding Meaning Through Art Therapy Elizabeth Hlavek Paper10/7 12:00 pm
Professional Practice PP103A Tribute to Judy Rubin – Pittsburgh’s Champion of Art TherapyMarie de Bethune, Zachary D. Van Den Berg Video10/72:00 pm 
Professional Practice  PP94Creating Impactful Change: Exploring Social Entrepreneurship in Art Therapy Elisabeth Baird, Jennifer DeLucia Paper10/7 2:00 pm
Professional PracticePP182 Imagination and Willpower: Art Therapist Superpowers Jordan Potash Paper10/7 3:00 pm
Professional PracticePP13 What’s On My Mind? A Mindful Doodle-Based Art Therapy Wellness Workshop Patricia IsisWorkshop 10/74:00 pm
Professional PracticePP71 Bridging Art Therapy into Museums Through Creative Problem-Solving, Policy, and Social Prescription Kathryn Snyder, Minette Hand, Rachel Robbins Panel10/74:00 pm 
Professional Practice PP118Essentials for Successfully & Ethically Running Your Practice Rachel Brandoff, Reina Lombardi Paper10/7 4:00 pm
Professional PracticePP22 Check-In/ Check-Out: Trauma Informed Boundaries Within Art Therapy Sessions Sarah Tedrick Workshop10/810:50 am 
Professional Practice PP39Healing from Relationship Abuse: The Empowerment Wheel Model in Art TherapyRachel Brandoff  Workshop10/8 10:50 am
Professional Practice PP65Amplifying Resiliencies: A Multi-Layered Collage Experiential for Stress ManagementRebecca Miller, Monica Brown Workshop10/8 2:15 pm
 Professional PracticePP37 What’s on my mind? Expanded Mindful Doodling Research from USA to Australia Patricia IsisPaper 10/8 3:00 pm
Professional Practice PP239Climate Anxiety and Environmentally Aware Adaptations Within Art Therapy Practice Clara Corn, Kennedy Haven Paper10/8 3:00 pm
Professional Practice PP110Building Habits of Gratitude: Art Therapy Interventions Informed by Positive PsychologyGaelynn Wolf Bordonaro, Laura Cherry, Julie Ludwick, Lisa Hassler Thomas  Workshop10/8 4:00 pm
Professional Practice PP181Career Focused Bridge Drawings: Conceptualizing Desired Work Life Roles Barbara Parker-Bell, Kristina Smatrakaleva  Workshop10/9 10:50 am
Professional Practice PP17Collaborative Art Practices in Group Art Therapy Heather Denning, Katherine JacksonPaper 10/9 11:00 am
Professional PracticePP222Strength-Based Art Therapy: Addressing ADHD & Executive Functioning Deficits Across the LifespanChristine Creighton Paper 10/912:00 pm 
Professional Practice PP164Training to Practice: Navigating Challenges of Professional Identity in Art Therapy Lim Cheng Hong, Ronald Lay Paper10/912:00 pm 

From Pulp To Empowerment: Papermaking With Survivors Of Sexual Violence

Tsz Yan (Winnie) Wong

12:00 pm
TraumaTR235A Neuroscience-informed Art Therapy Toolkit for the Treatment of TraumaJuliet KingPaper10/72:00 pm
TraumaTR97Restoring Hope, Health, and Resilience Through the Creative Arts PracticeLisa Kay, Kathryn Snyder, Veronica Hicks, Rebecca MillerPanel10/72:15 pm
TraumaTR237Healing Through Connection: Integrating Imago Relational Therapy and Art TherapyUrsula MessinaPanel10/73:00 pm
TraumaTR189On the Verge of War: Generational Trauma and Humanitarian Crisis in LebanonHeidi BardotPaper10/812:00 pm
TraumaTR62Vicarious Trauma, Compassion Fatigue, and Burnout: The Impact on the ClinicianJennifer Herbert, Hilda AcevesWorkshop10/82:15 pm
TraumaTR83Building Bridges of Healing: Art Therapy Informed Crisis Care in UkraineBarbara Parker-Bell, Courtney Robson, Polina Berezyuk, Maria Boiko, Oro WhitleyPanel10/82:15 pm
TraumaTR 122Reconnecting with Self: Using Art Therapy with Acquired Injury and IllnessJulie MorenoPaper10/83:00 pm
TraumaTR232Bridge of Reciprocity: Make One Take One response to Community TraumasDelaine DueWorkshop10/92:15 pm
TraumaTR233Trauma and Artistic ResilienceSimone Alter-Muri, Heidi SchumanPaper10/93:00 pm
TraumaTR45Integrating Polyvagal Theory into Art Therapy and CounselingAreka Foster, Katherine Jackson, Fawn GordanPaper10/93:00 pm
TraumaTR32Psychedelics and Art Therapy: Building a Bridge Between Two WorldsRebecca Wilkinson, Charmaine Husum, Amelia LaverPaper10/94:00 pm
EthicsET124Appreciation or Appropriation? Interrogating Art Therapy InterventionsJane Woo, Miki GoerdtPaper10/712:00 pm
EthicsET142Fragmentation: A journey through ones personal and professional development with trauma-grief.DeLora Putnam-Bryant, Christine CreightonWorkshop10/82:15 pm
EthicsET57A Descriptive Summary of Field Placement in Undergraduate Art Therapy EducationAshley Hartman, Heather Denning, Jennifer Schwartz, Meera Rastogi, Cathy GoucherPanel10/92:15 pm