Call for Stories by the Art Therapy Community


How many times have you been asked, “What is art therapy?” There are many ways to describe art therapy and often a story is a powerful way to share our work. We know these amazing stories because we experience them every day and have the honor of witnessing the impact of art therapy in people’s lives. Now it’s time to share those stories with the world.


Write a brief story, one to two paragraphs, emphasizing the power of art therapy. You may choose to write about:

  • How art therapy has helped a client
  • How art therapy has been integrated into your setting or community
  • An experience that reminded you of why you continue to work as an art therapist


If you would like to include artwork to go along with your story, please email the image to info@arttherapy.org with the subject line as “Voices of Art Therapy.” Submissions of digital images may include client artwork (with appropriate releases) and/or therapist response artwork.

Images should be of excellent quality, submitted as high resolution JPEGs under 5Mb.

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Great stories use words to create a visual image in the reader’s mind that elicits emotion and builds empathy. Here are some tips for effective storytelling:

Provide focus: Concentrate on one succinct story to allow readers to really connect with the experience.

Be visual: Compelling images draw readers in. Select artwork that sparks emotion and grabs your attention.

Use real details: Quotes, sights, sounds, and events help make your story more tangible and relatable.

Get personal: Focus your attention on the central figure of your story. Tap into human emotion enabling readers to form a connection with him/her/them.


Change or omit identifying information about clients referenced in your story to protect confidentiality.

By sharing this story, you and your client(s) give the AATA permission to use your submission or any portion of it for advocacy, education, or media. If your story is shared in our materials, your statement will appear along with your first name, the first letter of your last name, your city, and your state. We may need to edit for clarity/brevity.

We cannot accept any original artwork; digital images only.

By submitting client artwork, you confirm that you have a signed release on file and the appropriate permissions. A template for the release form can be found here.