The conference is organized into nine main subject tracks to help participants find areas of interest. During the proposal submission process, each proposal submitter selected one category to best describe their session. AATA uses these categories for the final Program Guide. 

Technology & Innovation (TI)

Sessions that showcase advancements in technology, cutting-edge research, and innovative models in the field of technology. 


Technology & InnovationTI89Art therapy assessment application on Digital Devices: A case for PPAT.Sunjoo Kim, Sunhee K. KimWorkshop10/710:50 am
Technology & InnovationTI180Filling the Gaps: From Memory to Narratives with AI Generative ArtNancy Choe, Marie DeschampsPaper10/73:00 pm
Technology & InnovationTI193AI is Neuroatypical: Students Utilize AI to Explore Identity and InclusionRick GarnerPaper10/812:00 pm
Technology & InnovationTI196The innovation journey: creating a distress disclosure digital toolMarie DeschampsPaper10/82:00 pm