November 4, 2021

This school-based art therapist directory aims to help connect school-based art therapists working in schools across the United States. Many art therapists are the sole art therapist at the school, and the AATA wants to facilitate peer support and communication.

“When a student struggles cognitively, emotionally, or behaviorally, schools are often the first to identify symptoms and are then charged to deliver intervention,” explains Marygrace Berberian, PhD, LCAT, ATR-BC, LCSW. “Accessing mental health services is often too daunting and cost prohibitive for overwhelmed, at-risk families [and] school facilities are more often becoming the sole providers of mental health support.” Dr. Berberian created this art therapist directory as part of her graduate work at Drexel University.

AATA members who are school-based art therapists can join the newly created School-Based Art Therapists community on MyAATA to share ideas and experiences, and ask questions of each other. Head over to the MyAATA community forum, then click on the Community Navigator to search!