March 14, 2019


March 10-16, 2019 is Creative Arts Therapies Week, an opportunity each year to spread awareness about these life-enhancing professions!  Take a moment this week to share what you do as a creative arts therapist every day to improve the lives of others.  There are many ways to spread the word!  Have a conversation with a colleague, engage on social media using #CATsWeek2019, or contact your elected officials to share your experience about the power of creative arts therapies.


Spread the Word about Art Therapy

Resources on the Creative Arts Therapies

The National Coalition of Creative Arts Therapies Associations (NCCATA) is also celebrating an anniversary – 40 years!  Founded in 1979, NCCATA is an alliance of professional associations dedicated to the advancement of the arts as a primary therapeutic treatment across a variety of rehabilitative, medical, community, and educational settings.  NCCATA represents thousands of individual members of six creative arts therapies associations:


Check out the NCCATA website for resources for Creative Arts Therapies Week and a fact sheet with more information on the member organizations!