“I am a Work of Art”

 Every child is a work of art.

In 2017 the American Art Therapy Association, collaborating with Office of Head Start and Youth M.O.V.E. National, sent out a call for art and an invitation to young artists to show how they took these words to heart: “I am a work of art.” Gathering hundreds of submissions, we created this digital exhibition to celebrate the important role of art and creativity in mental health, wellness, and social-emotional well-being for our children, youth, and young adults.

Submissions from Pre-K and Elementary School Students || Submissions from Middle and High School Students

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The young artists whose work is shown here agreed to participate in this online exhibit, #IAmAWorkOfArt.

Ben Baker, "Untitled"
Ben Baker, "Untitled"
Elisaiah Pagan, "Untitled"
Genesis Mena-Thoby, "Untitled"
Genesis Mena-Thoby, "Untitled"
Chrismairy Rodriguez, "Untitled"
Julian Pabon, "Untitled"
Kylie Romero, "Untitled"
Kayden Portes, "Untitled"
London Williams, "Untitled"
Manuel Gomez-Ruiz, "Untitled"
Neishly Guzman-Tineo, "Untitled"
Serenity White, "Untitled"
Aurora Linton, "Untitled"
Chris-Ann Davidson, "Untitled"
Bella Butcher, "I'm with my family, there is sky up here and green grass down here"
Breanna Carron, "I'm a hero, see my cape"
Chase Bryant, "It's me"
Chris-Ann Davidson, "Untitled"
Hayden Flak, "I'm in a rainbow all over"

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