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April 21, 2022

What excites (or inspires) you most about your job right now?

I find great meaning in my role in supporting the well-being and quality of life of my clients, while also learning so much from them. I am grateful for that. The bonus is to be able to engage with artmaking and expressive, visual language every day. 

“Which Way?” Ink pen and colored pencils. 01/01/2022. Artist Statement: “My art process is a visual journaling of significant moments and experiences and my response to them. I have found that my paintings have facilitated my own expression as well as a connection with those who view them through the universal human condition expressed in my visual language.”

How has your role changed as an art therapist (or remained the same) during the COVID-19 pandemic?

My role as an art therapist required me to dig deeper into my creativity and flexibility to be able to transition to a virtual platform. I had to grow my knowledge of technology and learn how to adapt artistic and therapeutic techniques to fit the clients’ needs through a screen.

How have race, diversity, and/or social justice impacted your work as an art therapist (or art therapy student)?

The increased access and awareness around racial and social justice issues and incidents have brought the topics into the therapeutic space more than ever before. My clients of diverse racial and socio-economic backgrounds and ages are seeking to process their thoughts and feelings around these issues in their sessions. It has made me more mindful of the responsibility of my role in this by paying attention to my biases and education around the issues as well as aligning the discussions and the client’s therapeutic goals.


Nomita Advani

Nomita Advani is a licensed art therapist in Maryland with a Masters in Art Therapy from George Washington University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Madras University in India. She has practiced art therapy for 13+ years in clinical, community, and education-based settings with children, adolescents, and adults addressing needs based in anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, and neuro-diversity. Currently, Nomita works with children, adolescents and adults through Chesapeake Counseling Associates, LLC.

Nomita has also conducted workshops and presentations for teachers, parents, and mental health professionals.

Nomita’s passion for art therapy is rooted in her personal and professional experience with the therapeutic nature of the art making process. She understands that it is innately both revealing and healing, offering a pathway through visual, sensory, and expressive language to awareness, growth, and wellbeing.