January 14, 2020


We know that AATA’s ability to provide you with continuing education hours is a crucial part of our membership offerings. The Institute for Continuing Education in Art Therapy remains your source for art therapy continuing education clock hours, allowing you to keep abreast of current trends in the profession and to develop new skills and proficiencies. With that in mind, AATA is pleased to introduce our newly redesigned online continuing education platform, which will make accessing online courses easier than ever!

Over 20 new courses are available to you now. Browse the course catalog to see the full selection.

As we move from our old platform to the new one, we want to keep you apprised of the transition and what it means for you.

How do I get started with the new continuing education site?

The new site is up and active, so you can browse and purchase courses on there now. Check out the FAQ page for more details on how to navigate the site and what to expect as you get started.

What does the new platform mean for AATA members?

With this new platform, AATA members will no longer need separate credentials to login to the online continuing education platform. Members simply use their MyAATA username and password. Members still receive discounted rates on all online courses and will automatically see the discounts when registering.

There was a course that I wanted to take that was previously available, but I don’t see it in the catalog right now. Will it eventually be available on the new platform?

Yes, courses that were previously available on the old platform are being migrated to the new platform and will become available. We anticipate that all courses will be fully transitioned over by March 2020.

Am I still able to access courses that I purchased on the old platform?

Yes, if you have purchased a course(s) that you have not yet completed on our old platform you still have access to do so on this site until 3/31/2020. Please login and find the link to your course(s) in the “My Activities” link on the top navigation bar.

Am I still able to access certificates that I completed on the old platform?

Yes, if you have completed courses on the old platform  and want to download and save your Certificates, you can find them in the “My Activities” link on the top navigation bar. Please download and save your certificates on your own computer by 3/31/2020.