April 20, 2020 | Denise R. Wolf MA ATR-BC, ATCS, LPC, AATA Scholarship Chair


Read on for important updates on the application process related to COVID-19


Do you see yourself as a rising star in the field of art therapy? Are you interested in the application of medical art therapy or spiritual mind/body practices? Perhaps you are an honors student with an outstanding GPA or would like to attend the annual conference. Every year, the American Art Therapy Association (AATA) celebrates individual members who are making an impact in our profession, community, and elevating the field. Part of this recognition includes supporting the next generation of art therapists who will transform the future of the profession. There are plenty of reasons that make you uniquely talented and qualified, as an art therapy student or new professional to be honored for your hard work, achievements, and contributions. This is your year to shine!


Three 2019 Recipients on Scholarship Impact


Last year, we celebrated many art therapy students and new professionals at the 50th Anniversary AATA Conference. For example, Marissa Marie Uher, a current graduate art therapy student at Eastern Virginia Medical School, was the 2019 recipient of the Rawley Silver Award for Excellence. As a result of this AATA scholarship, Marissa was able to attend the annual conference. “This was my first time attending the conference, and there were awesome connections that resulted. I attended a lot of talks about international art therapy and disaster relief.” After graduation Marissa is interested in pursuing trauma informed art therapy practices.

Marilyn Holmes was another first-time conference attendee, thanks to the Pearlie Roberson Award. Marilyn is a current art therapy graduate student at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Her research interests revolve around exploring the experience of Black art therapists suffering from racialized stress. Marilyn was impacted by meeting and talking with Dr. Jordan Potash during the AATA Conference, as she had cited him several times in her thesis. In the future, Marliyn hopes to submit her thesis for publication.

Jenelle Marie Hallaret also experienced “fan girl” moments at the AATA conference, with Dr. Judy Rubin, Dr. Gioia Chilton and Rebecca Wilkinson. She remarked how powerful it was to meet and talk with the authors she had been reading in graduate school. Jenelle was the 2019 recipient of the Student Scholarship to attend the AATA conference and also received the Rawley Silver scholarship in 2018.  Both years, she has brought her art therapy books and seeks to attain author signatures at the AATA Conference!  “My favorite part of attending is the opportunity to network and build community. Without this, I would have not had as many opportunities.” Janelle is finishing her graduate studies in art therapy at The George Washington University. After graduation, she is looking forward to moving back home to Nebraska where she has already secured a job as an art therapist working with people with housing insecurity. Janelle feels that her resume was made stronger with the inclusion of two AATA scholarships.


From left to right: Marissa Marie Uher,Marilyn Holmes, and Jenelle Marie Hallaret.               



This year, it is your opportunity to be recognized as an emerging visionary of our field! Take the next step in your career by applying for an AATA scholarship. Visit the AATA scholarship page for more information. The deadline is May 1, 2020.


Scholarship Updates & COVID-19


It has come to the AATA’s attention that some students are having difficulty accessing required documents (financial need, transcripts, verification of enrollment) for 2020 scholarship applications due to the shut down of schools/campus offices related to COVID 19.

In response to this, the following adjustments have been made for this year’s scholarship applications:

Financial Need: We understand that students may have difficulty accessing forms stored by their educational institutions due to closures. For this year only, we have eliminated the requirement of the completed Financial Aid form.

Letters of Recommendation (LOR): We understand that applicants may have difficulty attaining LORs on letterhead from faculty and other related professionals who are now working from home and may not have access to letterhead. This requirement will be completed in alignment with the AATA Code of Ethics, Responsibility to the Profession, Section 10, in that the application is a truthful representation of self and identity if recommendations cannot be submitted on official letterhead.

Proof of Acceptance/Enrollment: We will still require an official transcript, which can be sent as a paper copy if available or sent through electronic delivery.

The scholarship application deadline will remain as May 1 to ensure adequate time for the Scholarship Work Group to review all materials received.


2020 Scholarships Available


AATA student members enrolled in or accepted to undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral programs are eligible to apply. Applications are due May 1, 2020. Find more information and applications on MyAATA for these competitive awards:

  • American Art Therapy Association 50th Anniversary Scholarship Fund
  • Myra Levick Scholarship Fund
  • Rawley Silver Award for Excellence
  • Cay Drachnik Minorities Fund
  • Student Scholarship to the Annual Conference
  • Prasad Family Foundation – International Student Scholarship
  • Irene Rosner David Medical Art Therapy Scholarship
  • New Professional Scholarship to the Annual Conference
  • Pearlie Roberson Annual Scholarship Award
  • Laura Greenstone Memorial Scholarship
  • Ellen G. Horovitz Spiritual Art Therapy Scholarship