July 24, 2019


It’s easy, it’s online, and takes just a minute. Professional members of the Association are encouraged to vote in the upcoming election, which opens August 1 and runs through August 31, 2019. The Candidate Slate, available on MyAATA, gives biographies and Q&A for those running for two-year term (2019-2021) volunteer and officer positions with the AATA for the following positions:

  • President-Elect (1)
  • Secretary (1)
  • Board of Directors (3)
  • Nominating Committee (1)


Nominating Sub-Committee Chair Gioia Chilton, PhD, ATR-BC, LCPAT, CSAC, reminds AATA professional members to make their voices heard by voting, August 1-31.


Your association needs you!

To ensure that the AATA community fully and fairly represents our members, we need broad engagement from you in the elections process. The AATA’s Board of Directors should truly represent your interests, your needs, and your clients, so make sure that your voice is heard by participating in the annual elections.

How to vote:

All voting members will receive a notice on August 1 with a link to the online voting site and instructions via e-mail. Members that request a paper ballot, or those that do not have e-mail, will receive a ballot in the mail. Candidates will be listed alphabetically below the position for which they are applying on the ballot.

Who can vote?

Voting will be open to all Professional, Credentialed Professional, Retired Professional, New Professional, and Honorary Lifetime Members of the AATA.

Why is voting so important?

  1. The art therapy community depends on you to ensure direct representation.

The AATA is made up of its member community, and that means you. By voting in elections, your voice and viewpoint in the community are directly represented.

  1. Our community benefits from positive leadership.

The AATA’s Board makes crucial, mission-focused decisions about the future of the profession that directly affect you. We need your participation in identifying and choosing the leadership.

  1. Your expertise plays a vital role in advancing our profession.

From education to licensure, the art therapy profession is growing and advancing, and our Board of Directors leads this process. We know that AATA’s Professional members have expertise that the Board of Directors counts on to make informed decisions. Bring that experience and expertise to the elections process to advance the profession!

Where can I find more information on elections?

MyAATA has the 2019 Candidate Slate and information, and members are always welcome to contact the AATA via e-mail or phone.