January 30, 2020


This week committees in the Council of the District of Columbia and Virginia General Assembly passed art therapy licensure legislation. On January 29th the DC Committee on Health voted B23-0250 – Professional Art Therapist Licensure Amendment Act of 2019 – out of committee. The legislation now moves on to the full Council. Today, January 30th, in Richmond, Virginia, the Senate Committee on Education and Health voted SB 713 – Professional art therapists and professional art therapist associates; licensure – out of committee following the bill’s passage through the Health Professions Subcommittee last week. The bill now moves on to the Senate Finance Committee.

Virginia Art Therapy Association Members in the audience during the Virginia Senate Committee on Education Health Professions Subcommittee meeting on January 24, 2020.


Active Art Therapy Legislation

For more information, read, “Art Therapy Legislation to Watch in 2020.”

Thank you to the many volunteers across the country working hard to advance the profession of art therapy!