February 14, 2019


On February 11, 2019 five art therapists testified in favor of Connecticut HB 5444 before the Joint Committee on Public Health.  They eloquently described the benefits of the profession and the obstacles art therapists and potential clients face due to lack of licensure.  Ellie Nicol, ATR-BC has been a leader in the Connecticut licensure effort for several years and — as you’ll see in this video — is well-known for it among legislators!

 Watch the video here! 

Following testimony from Hofstra art therapy graduate student Aimee Jette, Committee Chair Rep. Steinberg (D), congratulated her on “being very serious about entering the profession,” adding “hopefully at a very good time, when we are poised to bring about the change that has been long-sought in this state.”  Congratulations to the Connecticut Art Therapy Association for this successful hearing and for gathering the 140 written testimonies submitted!  HB 5444 is a Public Health Committee bill that would establish the Licensed Art Therapist license under the Department of Public Health.

The AATA is thrilled to report that art therapy licensure bills have been introduced in six states so far in the 2019 sessions!  Yesterday Rep. Mary Mascher (D) introduced Iowa House File 362 to provide licensure for Clinical Art Therapists under the Iowa Board of Behavioral Science.  Additionally, a hearing is being held this week on the Nebraska licensure bill in the legislature’s Health and Human Services Committee.

Follow all the state art therapy licensure bills: