November 14, 2019


On November 8, 2019 a bill to make mental health practitioners including licensed creative arts therapists (LCAT) eligible for coverage under Medicaid in New York was finally delivered to Governor Cuomo! Once a bill is delivered, the Governor has 10 days (not including Sundays or holidays) to act, either by signing or vetoing the bill.

TAKE ACTION!! Call 1-518-474-8390 or send a note using this form and ask Governor Cuomo to sign S3421A into law by Thursday, November 21st!

S3421A would make care and services provided by licensed mental health practitioners licensed under Article 163 of the Education Law (including LCATs, mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, and psychoanalysts) eligible for coverage under the State Medicaid program.  The bill passed the Senate on June 17, 61 to 1, and the Assembly on June 18, 133 to 15!

Updated 11/19/19 to correct the amount of time the Governor has to act on the bill from 30 to 10 days.