June 28, 2018

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) are core to the American Art Therapy Association’s vision that the services of licensed, culturally proficient art therapists are available to all individuals, families, and communities.  The success of our mission is dependent on DE&I, as we work with members on advocacy, education, networking opportunities, research, and all we do to move the profession forward.  Everyone benefits when we allow diversity to influence our approaches, ensure our work results in equitable outcomes, and are inclusive of everyone that can advance AATA’s purpose.

The AATA recognizes that it is essential to do more to incorporate and demonstrate DE&I in everything we do.  It is our belief that DE&I values have not been consistently or measurably demonstrated in all aspects of our work.  This has resulted in confusion around some of our choices and actions.  The AATA must be clear on our definitions, expectations, and how the principles of DE&I will guide our work on behalf of the profession.

Moving forward, we are committed to DE&I and ensuring it guides our work and influences the impact we expect to make.  As an initial demonstration of our commitment, we are taking the time to understand how we are currently performing against our growing DE&I vision.  We have contracted with Ivy Planning Group (IVY), an outside consulting firm specializing in DE&I, to conduct this assessment.  More importantly, IVY will assist us with creating a plan to take action to advance DE&I at the AATA.

We are hopeful about this process and excited about what this journey represents with a new, shared understanding and approach that allows DE&I to make our vision a reality.



AATA DE&I Task Force