February 27, 2020 


Art therapy legislation is moving across the country! There are currently 11 active art therapy bills — here are updates on campaigns in Virginia, Tennessee, and Nebraska.


Virginia SB 713

The Virginia House of Delegates voted (75-Y 22-N) on February 21, 2020 to pass the art therapy licensure bill, SB 713. The legislation was voted out of the Senate unanimously on February 4th and is now awaiting action on Governor Northam’s desk!

CALL TO ACTION – If you live or work in Virginia, please urge the Governor to sign SB 713 into law!
Complete the online email form or call 804-786-2211.


Tennessee HB781/SB55

The Tennessee Art Therapy Association hosted Tennessee Art Therapy Day on the Hill in Nashville on February 18, 2020! The day’s activities included a breakfast reception with artwork on display, meetings with legislators, gathering at a table near the cafeteria to continue the conversations, and even participating in a House Subcommittee hearing.

TATA art therapists at their table near the cafeteria, where they connected with legislators and staff at lunchtime during the Tennessee Art Therapy Day on the Hill on February 18th.

Watch the video (start at minute 16) of Dr. Sylvia Richey, Associate Medical Director & Director of Integrative Oncology at West Cancer Center, testifying before the House Facilities, Licensure, & Regulations Subcommittee on behalf of HB781 and on the impact art therapy has had on the patients, families, and staff throughout their cancer journeys.


Nebraska Sunrise Review

The Nebraska sunrise review process (407 Credentialing Review) is in its final stages. Thank you to all the art therapists and art therapy supporters who testified during the public hearing on February 4, 2020! The fifth and final Credentialing Review Committee meeting will take place on March 3rd.

From left: Yasmin Tucker, ATR, LIMHP, PLADC; Nebraskans for the Arts Executive Director Doug Zyblut; AATA Board Member Jennifer Jividen Jackson, ATR-BC, LIMHP, LPC; and Jessica Stallings, PhD, ATR-BC, LMHP, LPC, at the State Office Building in Lincoln, Nebraska following the public hearing on February 4th before the Technical Review Committee.

Active Art Therapy Legislation


Thank you to the many volunteers across the country working hard to advance the profession of art therapy!

For more information, read, “Art Therapy Legislation to Watch in 2020” or email publicpolicy@arttherapy.org with questions.