February 6, 2019


Dear AATA Members:

We have heard and share concerns expressed by some of our members regarding the discriminatory admissions and hiring policies at the Immanuel Christian School, where Karen Pence has recently returned to work as an art teacher.  In response to this news, we promptly issued a public statement articulating our stance against discrimination in any form.  Today, we sent a letter directly to the office of Second Lady Karen Pence making it clear that the school’s exclusionary policies toward the LGBTQIA community and reinforcement of antiquated gender roles do not align with the values of our profession.

As the nation’s leading organization representing art therapists, our role regarding the Second Lady, or any other public figure who may speak about art therapy, is to educate and inform about the field.  The AATA continues to communicate the values and ethical principles of our profession to Mrs. Pence, as we have since we learned of her interest in art therapy.


The AATA Board of Directors