April 8, 2021 


Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association is seeking papers for the upcoming issue on the topic “Resilience and Transformation: Learning from 2020” and is offering two limited-time free access to articles in the current issue.

Call for Papers

Without a doubt, the year 2020 was a challenging one as a once-in-a-generation pandemic spread across the globe. In addition to the public health concerns, COVID-19 exposed underlying deficiencies in healthcare, racial and socio-economic health disparities, political divisions, and environmental degradation. In the United States, these conflicts were exemplified by Black Lives Matter protests in response to police brutality, anti-Asian discrimination, and political discord surrounding the 2020 Presidential election. All of these expressions of hardship and suffering also brought forth examples of resilience and transformation as individuals and agencies adapted and found meaning in the current moment.

The upcoming special issue on the topic “Resilience and Transformation: Learning from 2020” aims to recount how art therapists facilitated clients, program participants, and students to document, cope, and manage as a result of the 2020 health and/or racial-social-cultural contexts. 

The Journal seeks “theoretical paradigms, case reports, research, and perspectives that indicate how individuals, groups, agencies, institutions, and communities have transformed due to health concerns, racial injustice, environmental challenges, political divisions, and other socio-cultural stressors.”

Manuscripts are requested by July 31, 2021. Find all the details in the call for papers

Current Free Access Articles

The following articles from the current issue of Art Therapy relating to art therapy education are available free access through June 30th:

We encourage you to consider submitting to the upcoming issue and to review the above articles while they are available free access. Don’t forget that AATA membership includes access to the full offerings of the Journal (login to MyAATA and find the link under the “Research” heading in the Professional Development tab).