May 1, 2023


On April 26, the American Art Therapy Association joined the National Foster Youth Institute (NFYI), the American Music Therapy Association, and others to brief congressional staff about the unique benefits of various therapeutic approaches. The briefing supported NFYI’s efforts to advance legislation to increase the availability of tailored mental health care for foster youth.

Tyler Kirby, AATA’s advocacy and public affairs manager, represented AATA on the panel, discussing the mechanics of an art therapy session and the unique benefits of art therapy as an opportunity for non-verbal communication. He also shared barriers to art therapy, such as affordability and access, and potential policies to expand accessibility of care. For example, proposals expanding Medicare and Medicaid coverage for mental health services have the potential to reshape the availability of care for at-risk groups and ensure that those who most need art therapy services do not face financial barriers.

AATA looks forward to working with NFYI to make mental health care more accessible and affordable, especially for at-risk communities.