October 3, 2019


The AATA is pleased to announce that the special issue, Art Therapy Gold: American Art Therapy Association at 50, has been mailed to members and is available online. We encourage you to read through the articles in which authors reminisce on the history and growth in the AATA’s 50 years, draw attention to overlooked pioneers in the field, and forge ahead into the future of research in art therapy.

In the conclusion of his editorial of the issue, Dr. Jordan Potash, Editor in Chief of Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, reflects, “On the occasion of this fiftieth anniversary, it is certainly a time for AATA to celebrate. When the parties end, art therapists can see this milestone not as a singular triumph but as motivation for continuous adaptation in order to carry the sparks of reflection, healing, and renewal into the next 50 years.