March 11, 2020

We hope that you’re as excited as we are about AATA’s new online continuing education platform! With over 100 courses now available‒all relevant to art therapy‒these online offerings remain your source for continuing education and professional development. Here are five things that will enhance your user and learning experience.

  1. You’ll see a newer, sleeker design. The pages have been redesigned for a more user-friendly online experience that allows you to search and filter by different categories.
  2. You can login with your MyAATA member credentials! You no longer need to keep a separate password to access the online courses.
  3. It can recommend courses to you based on your interest. Complete your Learner Profile to tailor subject matter. Course recommendations will then appear ready for you on the main page.
  4. You can share feedback or opinions through polls. The main page will periodically have new polls for you to engage with.
  5. Members still get discounted rates. Plus, the member rates will automatically appear on checkout – no need to input a member discount code.