January 31, 2019

Tracy Weitkamp graduated from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College with her MA in Art Therapy in December 2018 and is working towards her Maryland LGPAT (Licensed Graduate Professional Art Therapist).  She has professional experience working with children and adolescents in mental health settings, adults with developmental disabilities, and oncology patients and caregivers.  Currently employed by an online public education company, her passion is to meld this experience with art therapy through the exploration and practice of art therapy for use in corporate wellness programs.

Engaged in the AATA community, Weitkamp served as the Student Representative for her chapter, the Maryland Art Therapy Association (2017-2018).  “I felt most connected to the AATA community during the conferences in Baltimore and Albuquerque,” she says.  “Not only was I able to attend various sessions through which I learned more about the field, I was also able to truly connect with my peers and other professionals.”


Weitkamp shares her vision for the future of the profession:

I truly hope that the art therapy profession continues to grow and thrive, spanning all populations. While comprised of multiple theories, my hope is that our profession continues to be one that fosters debate of these various perspectives as it grows. I am grateful to live in a state that has licensure and title protection in the field, and I hope that these become more commonplace in more states across the country in order to continue to build an awareness of legitimacy and professionalism.

“Growth Particles” by Tracy Weitkamp. Watercolor. 2017.