March 7, 2019

Lisa M. Lounsbury, MA, LMFT, ATR-BC established her private practice, Art Lab Rx, LLC in 2015 and is committed to serving a variety of clients, including those at recovery centers, hospitals, schools, and faith-based organizations.  Breaking down barriers of accessibility, she brings her fully ADA-compliant mobile art therapy clinic, Art Lab (nicknamed “Maggie” after Margaret Naumburg) into the surrounding communities.

Emphasizing that “everyone is welcome” she offers services in Spanish and collaborates with a local Spanish-speaking social services organization.  “As I was researching my business expansion for a mobile art therapy studio, I called the AATA office looking for information on Wayne Ramirez and his mobile art therapy project,” says Lounsbury.  “Wayne called me later that same day!  Now, that’s service and connection.”

Lounsbury has been a professional artist and group facilitator for more than 20 years, and it was while leading a self-portrait workshop in 2008 that she first discovered the healing potential of creative self-expression.  She describes her personal journey, “moving from a focus on the external product of art, to the healing process of art therapy.”  She earned a dual MA in Art Therapy and Adlerian Counseling and Psychotherapy from Adler Graduate School and is now an adjunct professor there.

“Capable Hands” by Lisa Lounsbury. January 2019. Acrylic and Graphite on Paper.

 Artist Statement: “This art piece was made during our first Focus Group on Maggie and as I was trying to keep all the pieces together, facilitate the group, and not freak out about the things that had gone wrong before people showed u., I could see the image of hands appearing around the chaos. I immediately brought them out more with color and felt like I was being held by the strong, capable hands of my Creator and I could rest.”