December 20, 2018

Laura Bauder, MA, just graduated with her master’s in art therapy with an emphasis in counseling from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College in December 2018 and is in the process of applying for her ATR-P.  She has also worked as a freelance artist and facilitator of workshops on paper-making, altered books, and bookmaking since 2014.  Excited begin her career as an art therapist working with adults with substance use disorders, Bauder shares that the most valuable AATA tool for her is the online Community Forum.  “Art therapists are able to connect and discuss important topics with other art therapists from around the country — these connections provide instant digital support within our community and allow us to explore topics with experts in our field.  I believe this is a huge benefit because we may not know who will have great advice or experience on a particular topic, but the Open Form Digest offers a place for all art therapists to connect all year long.”


Bauder describes how she found her career path:

I found art after losing a very close friend to suicide.  I found myself wondering Blick Art Materials and purchasing paints and canvases.  I was not an artist, my only experience with art was a high school mosaic class.  But I painted my way through my grief.  A year later I found myself at Cedar Crest College starting work toward my bachelor’s degree.  My first class at Cedar Crest was Intro to Art Therapy.  I had never heard of art therapy before, and took the class on a whim to fulfill and elective.  I will never forget that first class, because it changed my life.  I knew immediately that art therapy was what I was going to do with the rest of my life.  I have been a passionate supporter and advocate ever since.

Bauder believes that “it is our responsibility, as art therapists, to find new and creative ways to educate the general public, healthcare providers, insurance companies, and work toward state licensure efforts.”  For the future of the profession, Bauder hopes to see art therapy become a part of standard medical and mental health care.”

“Evolution” by Laura Bauder. Acrylic Paint. May 2018.