May 30, 2019 

Iman Khatib, MA, RIC, earned her Master’s in Art Therapy from The George Washington University and works with youth in an inpatient behavioral unit.  “I plan to use art and the power of imagination on a local and international level to inspire growth and healing,” says Khatib. “I have a lifelong commitment to encourage self-discovery and growth through universal principles of resilience.”

Khatib believes art therapy is so effective because, “the art bridges verbal and cultural gaps, creating a universal tool for expression” while “the therapeutic support enables discovery and healing within a tangible record of growth.”  She looks forward to seeing art therapy continue to flourish worldwide and to gain further recognition as a profession.

“Coverage” by Iman Khatib. Mixed media. 2017. 

Artist’s statement:  “My voice is amplified by the layers of my identity.  A Muslim, a woman, a Palestinian-Malaysian.  I find strength and guidance through my heritage and this mask provides coverage from hatred and animosity.  In my work as an art therapist, I strive to recognize and support the layers of identify within every client. Together, we discover the path towards well-being.”