May 4, 2017

Elizabeth Hlavek,  ATR-BC, LCPA has a private practice in Annapolis, MD and works primarily with individuals struggling with eating disorders and related concerns, such as anxiety and depression.  She graduated from Pratt Institute in 2009 and is currently a doctoral student at Mount Mary University, anticipating a May 2018 graduation.  Elizabeth is an active member of the AATA community and has held many positions over the years, including: the Maryland Art Therapy Association (MATA) chapter delegate for several years; the MATA legislative chair in 2012, when she worked to develop the first clinical art therapy license in Maryland; the AATA Conference Local Arrangements Chair in 2016; and currently, regional representative on the AATA Government Affairs Committee.

Elizabeth acts under the belief that “an organization is only as strong as its membership.”  She elaborates, “If we want the AATA to represent our values, we have to voice them through engagement.”  When asked why she chose the profession, Elizabeth shares that art has always been an important part of her life, and she loves using it to engage with and support others.

Elizabeth’s doctoral research is on artwork created clandestinely during the Holocaust.  She relates it to an existential approach to art therapy and is interested in how this body of work can inform art therapists as social activists.

“Dancers” by Elizabeth Hlavek.  Fall, 2016.  Mixed media on paper.