By Bani Malhotra, Susan Ainlay Anand, and Marie Deschamps 


We are thrilled to extend a personal invitation to all AATA members to join our upcoming virtual International Shared Interest Group (ISIG) Meetings. Register here.

ISIG meetings serve as an invaluable platform to network, exchange ideas, contribute, and explore new avenues of collaboration. These meetings are open to anyone interested in international art therapy work, for those who identify as international members or students, or simply to anyone interested in gaining fresh perspectives through interaction with membership on issues relevant to our field. 

Join Us May 4!

Our upcoming meeting is scheduled to take place on Saturday, May 4, 9 – 10am ET, and will be hosted virtually via Zoom. Our networking sessions feature lively discussions on topics pertinent to our shared interests, offering opportunities for AATA members to contribute insights and experiences. This meeting’s topic: how art therapists have navigated various ethical concerns within their respective regions, communities, or settings. 

History of ISIG  

Ms. Bobbi Stoll, serving as the AATA Public Information Chair from 1981 to 1985, recognized the isolation felt by art therapists in remote areas worldwide. In 1989, she organized an international panel presentation at the AATA Conference in San Francisco, inviting representatives from 20 countries. Seventeen countries participated, either sending representatives or submitting detailed reports. This initiative led to the formation of the International Networking Group of Art Therapists (ING/AT), with Ms. Stoll playing a central role as Key Networker for nearly two decades. She also edited and published newsletters for ING/AT, eventually proposing a merger with AATA. During the 2009 conference, ING/AT celebrated its 20th anniversary alongside AATA’s 40th anniversary. Dr. Judy Rubin, Sangeeta Prasad, Susan Anand, subsequently contributed to the group’s expansion. We acknowledge and celebrate their efforts in bringing the international art therapy community together, which we hope to continue doing.

Since COVID-19, ISIG has facilitated several virtual meetings apart from the annual in-person conference meetings in an effort to connect art therapists worldwide. The topics have ranged from art therapy and psychosocial support during emergencies and humanitarian work, to building and growing international art therapy research, and cross-cultural art therapy education. In our attempt to reach people globally, we schedule these meetings on different days and times, more conducive to varied time zones. Our hope is to continue these focused discussions in the future, fostering collaboration and support for the collective success within the global art therapy community!  

Whether you’re looking to brainstorm new ideas, seek advice from fellow professionals, or simply engage in stimulating conversations, these meetings offer a welcoming environment for you to do so. Feel free to also login in to MyAATA to join the discussion and the virtual ISIG Community.