June 13, 2023 | By Ori Cruz, MPS, LCAT, AATA Nominations Committee

How can you help the American Art Therapy Association keep the profession moving forward? We need you, our members, to continue to step forward and serve on our committees and our board. Your work in your community and in our association  is key to helping our profession keep up with the changing landscape of art therapy—from education and practice, to application and advocacy—and everything in between.  

As nomination season begins, I want to share my thoughts on serving as an AATA Director and now as a member of the Nominating Committee. I asked myself, what does it mean to serve our members and our organization? I believe the answer is this: it is a way to give back, help guide the future of our profession and help it thrive. This is something I never saw myself doing but came naturally after years of helping and volunteering at the conferences. I’m proud to say that I have now served during a pandemic, and get to assist with encouraging others to serve through my work on the Nominating Committee. I cannot wait to see where we go next.

Elections for new Directors, President Elect, Secretary and Nominating Committee positions will take place later this year. You can read more about the roles and responsibilities of these positions and learn more about all of the positions that make up our board by clicking here.

Where we go next involves us all and we cannot do it without the help of you, our members. The organization and the profession need our help in this manner. The promise of our tomorrows lies in the work we do today for our field. 

Won’t you join us?