December 10, 2023 | By Dr. David Gussak, President, Florida Art Therapy Association

The Florida Art Therapy Association (FATA) in collaboration with the Florida State University (FSU) Art Therapy Program, hosted an art therapy advocacy convening on Friday, November 17th. The event brought together a diverse community to advocate for the legislative efforts toward state licensure for Florida art therapists. The focus of the efforts are House Bill 51 and Senate Bill 878, a legislative proposals that seeks to protect the public by ensuring art therapy services are provided by qualified and trained professionals. Art therapy licensure would also improve access to mental health services—at a time when the state is experiencing a mental health crisis—and help retain art therapists and art therapy students in the state. 

Our honored guest was Florida State Representative Allison Tant, the sponsor of HB 51. (Pictured in the photo on the right, with me!)

Representative Tant emphasized the vital role of art therapy in promoting mental health and well-being. She has been a champion not only for licensure legislation, but for art therapy as a profession. 

Momentum supporting art therapy legislation continues to grow! If you live in Florida, call or write to your legislator urging them to support HB 51 and SB 878. Tell them that HB 51 and SB 878 will help ensure that qualified professionals provide essential mental health services at a time when we are experiencing a mental health crisis.