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The American Art Therapy Association’s public policy and advocacy programs serve to support the full participation of art therapists in their careers and in specialty job areas in which they seek to provide quality health and wellness services.

American Art Therapy Association – Position Statements

News & Updates

Track how each state’s is progressing in setting up the Health Care Reform Act’s health care exchanges:

New York Joins states with insurance mandates for autism services. New York recently became one of over 30 states and the District of Columbia with laws requiring insurance coverage for autism.


Guidelines for Insurers: Art Therapy Services & Reimbursement Claims Determinations

These Art Therapy Guidelines for Insurers are designed to assist healthcare insurance companies and third-party claims administrators in their review of reimbursement claims that involve art therapy services. The guidelines provide information about how to apply medical necessity criteria to art therapy services and differentiate cases where coverage exclusions do not apply. Study abstracts, on the efficacy of art therapy services in improving client outcomes, are included with citations, categorized by population type


Launching and Managing Your Art Therapy Practice.

Toolkit assists practicing art therapists, new professionals, and students structure their practice effectively. The step by step guide and connection to resources is intended to be a convenient way for members to begin and continue to build a successful private practice career in art therapy. New information and practice management resources will be added to this on-line resource going forward. Members may access the kit by clicking here.

State Licensure Support

The Association through its Government Affairs Committee works to encourage and support the ‘Professional Art Therapy’ license and to broaden licensure access for art therapists in general

In addition to the “Professional Art Therapist” license (LPAT) and the “Creative Arts Therapist” license (LCAT), many art therapists choose to hold licenses in closely related fields that reflect their practice focus, i.e., clinical social worker, marriage and family therapist, occupational therapist and others. Click here: licensing resources & State License Board links.

Insurance Coverage and Reimbursement

The Association works for greater insurance coverage and appropriate fees for services for art therapists.

For an invaluable information source for both private and public health care provider qualifications and service reimbursement – Members-only, Go to: Art Therapists Credentialing in Public and Private Healthcare Insurance

Healthcare Reform

The Association supports healthcare reform to benefit art therapists and their clients

in areas such as employment, grants to School Health Centers and other facilities, educational assistance, broader insurance coverage that creates larger client pools, PCIPs and new QHP health plans, under the “Healthcare Reform Act,” PPACA.

UPDATE Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plans (PCIPs), established by the 2010 healthcare reform act (PPACA), enable people with “pre-existing” mental or physical conditions to obtain healthcare insurance coverage for these.  Before PPACA, insurers commonly refused to cover “pre-existing” health disorders. If you or your clients have been denied health insurance for this reason and for PPACA information, go to

How does health care reform affect you and other art therapists?  Find out through Members-only, Go to:Overview: Healthcare Reform Act