October 19, 2022

As mental health professionals, art therapists are closely connected with the needs of the communities they serve. Election Day is a chance to be a champion for clients—and advocate for mental health and the values that are core to the art therapy profession.

The American Art Therapy Association (AATA) has prepared this nonpartisan guide to help ensure that candidates and elected officials alike hear more about the issues important to art therapists and the communities we serve. Make a plan to vote—and encourage your friends and colleagues to vote too—in support of mental health!


  1. Check your voter registration (or register to vote) at vote.org.
  2. Know your voting options and rights—then create a personal voting plan. Are you going to vote early in person? Request a mail-in ballot and vote by mail? Show up at a polling place on Nov. 8th? While there are lots of options available, there are also new requirements in place in many states.
  3. Learn about key issues that intersect mental health—and art therapy. We breakdown some key issues in this guide.
  4. Share information with your networks and urge them to vote! Remember, you are the ex
    pert on art therapy! Talk to the candidates, your friends and family members, and your colleagues or students about the state and federal issues affecting art therapists and the communities we serve.